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For those who play with and are familiar with kiel wood shafts, how do they compare with other shaft materials. I know they are also maple but oven cooked for a while. All pros and cons appreciated.


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Major improvement over conventional hard maple. If you aren't making the move to CF, then Kielwood is the best wood alternative, IMHO


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I own a hsunami ferrule-less 12.2mm .
I also own a z2,z3, revo 11.8 &12.4, engage 12.3 & 11.8.
When comparing the hsunami in terms of lowest deflection vs cf shafts I have, it would rank 5th after both the 11.8s and both 12.4 & 12.3, shafts. However its not far behind in terms of low deflection vs the 12.4 & 12.3.
The hsu hits a tad less stiff than all the cf shafts, but has a more feel than all cf shafts.
If you like the best of both worlds in terms of feel and a stiff hit its hard to beat the hsunami , it has the 6 other shafts in my bag beat in the feel department.
The hsu is more ding resistant than standard maple, but cf is tops for that area.
Energy transfer is definitely more pronounced with the hsunami compared to any maple shaft Ive tried, but still not quite as powerful as the cf shafts in my bag.

Hope that helps @tableroll .