Shot Clock vs Time Clock like Chess


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lots of good insight on present day and past use of clocks posting up here.

The clock will be a big part of the 4ball racing scheme.

That time referred here for the player to get into action I call the dilly-dally clock (the time between frames) .30 if a butler is in play or 1:00 minute for the shooter trying to handle the table setting and also is doing the shooting (not-recommended), probably a qualifier for main events like a golfer not allowed to use a cart - - - think of it why, in tournament play or even in practice mode the golfer has a caddy, the golfer is thinking of the next shot only., that's the first of 4 clock's used,

the second clock, called the lag-in clock is for 1:00. The shooters' butler job is knowing the game more than the shooter and the shooters opponents, which can be as few as 6 - 7 or up to 12 or so. And, responsible for making the call to the score keeper on what rack (plot) they (the butler and his or her shooter) are to shoot and just as important responsible for an accurate table setting. The butler gets the plot down (table setting) with no fouls and the shooter gets his or her lag into play. Shooter gets the full minute to get in play and start potting the run out. Once the 1:00 minute clock expires the shooters race clock kicks in. Each shooter has a race clock 9:00 minutes, the 3rd clock in use.

The 4th clock is an overall race clock, how long did the race take from start too finish. Each Butler and his or her shooter have their own table, the view looks and feels like watching a horse race, the last couple of minutes will be as intense as the finish line waiting for the official results.

The winner is determined by points scored minus fouls, strength of plots and time remaining.
For every 10 second's difference for the shooter out with the most time gets 1 additional point added to their score.
Strength's of the plot played has 4.5 game points gained for every 1 degree less than the opponent(s) plot played.

so, yes, the shot clock, and temperance/tempo will be a big deal, maybe suited for the younger player, however, like the thoroughbreds, age groups and lengths (strengths) can be adjusted for the odds to be honest.

I love this stuff...


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If shot clocks got cheap enough and therefore widely available, you could just click a button to start your time for each shot- maximum 30 seconds with one extension per rack. That would be ideal.