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This unique & beautiful 4 point cue was designed by Leon & myself was delivered in Jan 2017 & is in excellent condition..
It has 4 flame veneers of natural, yellow, orange, red into a really highly figured cocobolo forearm with a beauty ring & an elforyn 3/8x10 flat faced joint.
The butt has a cocobolo forearm, the points & buttsleeve are also cocobolo which is complimented nicely by a perfectly installed tumbled kangaroo wrap.
Elforyn Hoppe ring with SLY etched in it finishes off this beautiful, excellent playing cue with cocobolo points.
Butt weight is 15.37 oz.
2 nice matching shafts with Mason H micarta ferrules 3.49 oz. & 3.69 oz. 13+mm.

I lost my job recently so I'm offering this cue at a discount of $1,300 shipped.
Sorry I can't upload pics for some reason.


Michael Matsie


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