Sneaky Pete Advice Sought


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Hi folks, I do quality basic repair work for league players in my area. Have taken my time to learn through trial and error to do the best work I can and guarantee it.(see attachments)

Own a Porper B and do all the basic stuff e.g., tips, ferrules, shaft collars, linen wraps, cleaning, etc. Have a Unique video on building sneaky petes but find it a little vague in describing a detailed list of the actual cutting tools/bits used in the process. Have a hacksaw and carbide drill bits (3/16, 1/4, 5/16). Would like to try a new challenge now that I am very comfortable with my equipment and ability.

Would like to install a standard 3/8-10 pin in a sneaky pete playing cue and would appreciate your time and effort listing the tools necessary and specs for pin/shaft depth of installation to make that happen with preferably AZ vendors/members where I can purchase these. Is there perhaps a better DVD out there that addresses my questions?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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The best books/videos out there IMO, is Chris Hightower's videos and book.