Soft hitting cue


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I can not say that I can get this down to an operational definition

,but I prefer a cue with stiff shafts and a soft hit

Sometimes I confuse the two in my thinking

I never like a hard hit,it feels so unresponsive and cold

After playing the very best players and discussing things like this with friends
well respected in the pool industry
I can not say that I could actually offer you one solid piece of advice

A funny thing is that as poor as i play ,i seem to know when a cue hits good,
more knowledgible people have often laughed at my uncanny ability to pick
good hitting cues

All i ever did was either pick it up and hit it or order to the specs of cues that I liked before

Soft anf firm seems to describe what I like

Johnny Rosato

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I second that - McDermott
I third that ~ McDermott.
I'll add that I wanted to try a "Tomahawk" ferrule so I had one put on
a spare McD E-series shaft with a Le Pro tip and I think it's a "crisper" hit now.
I've used Le Pro and Triangle tips for year so I know the tip.
I also have an old D-series shaft that I had an ivory ferrule put on years back,
and it's a sharper hit than the old McD's.
I don't have any newer McD's so don't about them..


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My Schon shafts are definitely firm and crisp. Both the 29" and 30" sizes. Even one of the 29's and also a 30" one, that I have taken both down to just over 12.6 at the tip with a very gradual taper to both. My Jacoby ultras are firm, but a little more refined if that makes any sense. Do not have that sharp click of the Schons, even though they have the same tips on as all but my 30" Schon that is still using it's stock tip that I think is a Tiger. The tiger seems about the same as my Ultraskin mediums, possibly slightly harder. Then comes my DZ, 30" 12.8mm that is just a touch smoother than my Schon's with the Jacoby ultras, same tip. Seriously can't say what I like better, mostly use my Schon Jacoby ultra combinations, but really like my DZ. I do feel, right or wrong, the with standard wood shafts, the weight of the shaft is a big factor on the hit. I say this because my Schon 30" 12.6 mm shaft weighs 4.5 oz, and my 30" 12.8 mm Dz shaft weighs 3.9 oz, although the Schon shaft has a brass insert also, but I don't think that accounts for .6 oz.


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When people talk about “best hitting” cues, it seems like many mention stiffer, crisper hits like the Southwests. Are there cues people like that have a very soft hit? For example, I have a production Pechaeur with a stainless joint and I love the soft hit. I hate the weighting of the cue so I don’t play with it, but love the soft feeling. Does anyone have any favorite customer cues that have a solid but soft hit?

The best hitting cue I have is a solid piece of wood with a 3/8 x 10 pin and an Old OB shaft.

It's really a stick but its very light and plays amazingly.