SOLD---Williards Tipper Trimmer Machine---SOLD


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For Sale:

1 Willard's Tipper Trimmer Machine with all the items that come with the machine.
This was brand new when I purchased it 2 weeks ago and I have only done 1 tip.
In other words this is still virtually brand new. The asking price is $500 because of the pristine condition it is in. I have seen them sell for $400 and $450 used. The person I bought it from found it in his garage while getting ready to move. He had been living in the house for almost 20 years and under a very small dirty tarp in the corner of the garage where he never looked under before was the tipper machine in the original box. The past owner obviously forgot where he put the trimmer when he moved, probably still pulling out his hair wondering where it could be. If interested or if you have any questions you can contact me here or email

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