*** Southwest cue GABOON EBONY NOSE with purpleheart points ***


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This sw cue is in great condition and is a monster player. Laurie stop making gaboon cues a while back and the values of this type of cue continues to climb in value! When I hit with this cue I had to buy it immediately. Unfortunately, I am in a position today in which I have to sell. The cue is 100% original and was built in 2001 with 2 original shafts and upgraded matching joint protectors built by southwest cues. AGAIN, a monster of a cue!


Butt: gaboon nose with purpleheart points and linen wrap (the wrap is in super great condition), One white and one blue vaneer, 16.7 ounces, and standard size thickness. Serial #502 01

Shaft 1: 12.6mm (13mm three inches back from the middle of the ferrule) and 3.3 ounces

Shaft 2: 12.8mm (13.1mm three inches back from the middle of the ferrule) and 3.3 ounces

The condition is near perfection and is untampered with however it has been played with. There is the tiny tiny ding in the butt sleeve. The shaft shows a little bit of play but cleaned up very well. The butt and shafts has the slightest tiny bit of roll but nothing unusual for a 2001 sw cue. Nothing crazy, no serious wobble but I am very particular with checking and want to be 100% honest.

My credentials: I have been in the billiards community for a long time. You can check my feedback on azb (username: filluptieu) or ebay (username: phillip_tieu)

PRICE: $6,200 firm (I am selling for what I paid BUT please feel free to shoot me a real offer!)

please contact me at 832 867 8701 for more details or questions