SouthWest Ebony Nose with (2) 13mm Shafts & LOA for $5,500


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Hello AZb'ers,

I have a SW cue ebony nose for sale. I priced it to sell since its very difficult to find a ebony nosed SW cue nowadays and if they do pop up it sells instantly.

Here is your chance to get one at a very reasonable price. Remember, SW is one of the few cues that retain and increase in value over a short amount of time.

The cue has been played with so some typical small dings and imperfections but nothing that would truly devalue the cue. Nothing past the clear. This cue has two shafts that were built by the SW shop and I have the receipt to that purchase. I purchased this cue with these two shafts and do not have the original. It does come with a Letter of Authenticity (LOA) from Laurie which adds roughly $300 in value to the cue. Also, this cue was made in 1998 and is a true classic.


Butt: 16.2 oz, nose is Macassar ebony, points are Alves with two veneers (white and black) pin is 394 98
*The points are very dark and is aged very well

Shafts: both 4.0 oz, both are 13mm
*originally built as 13.5mm but I had Laurie cut them down

This is a tremendous playing cue.







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