Speed Kills


Let us say we place the power of the stroke on a scale of
1 to 20 - 20 be hardest hit.

Since 20 is the hardest say that one would break nine ball at
a 16 or 17 - control and accuracy for the break.

Then what would be the strongest stroke one would use -saying
you have fair confidence level- 10, 11, 12, normal stroke you would use 5 or 6??

After all the softer the stroke the better the accuracy.


Joseph Cues

Cue Nut
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Softer stroke doesn't mean more accurate all the time.
In fact, the pros hate rolling balls.
I'd say, in a game of 9-ball, around 70% of the shots do not require any stroke harder than a 3-rail lag.


don't wannabe M0DERATOR
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the harder i stroke , the more crooked it gets. i'm pathetic. 6-7 is as hard as i'll ever go. i play 14.1


Hey you play the best pool game in the world.

Just my humble opionion.

Might try pacticing 3c billiards, rotation, nine ball to make the
stroke a little more accurate with the added power.

You can not weight of the ball and spin quick everything.