SS360/2 shafts for sale.


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These are shafts that I took to the Super Billiard Expo as samples to hit balls with. They have been chalked and hit maybe two racks of balls at the most. Normal price is $200 each plus shipping. For sale for $175.00 each shipped in the USA. These are standard 29" long, 12.75mm ferrule diameters and standard joint sizes depending on pin. There is a Uni-loc with black collar, Uni-loc with N/S ring, Mezz, 5/16x18, Radial (SOLD) and 3/8x10 (SOLD) shaft available at this price.


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SS360/2 Shafts

These are great playing shafts. I use to use a Predator Vantage until I played with one of these. I now use this shaft and had Phillippi match up the ring work for me on my expensive cue. Can't go wrong here!