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The room I manage has drug issues because privacy stalls in the bathroom.

Has anyone tried using open urinals? Basically a water irrigation line on the floor.

Men stand and pee. If they want to poop use the NP (not private) toilets. Should people have the right to poop privately in a public toilet?

Ive met a few individuals from outside the academic world and they have no idea about what is scientific about their body and what is a myth.

Proposal Pool room bathrooms need to display health information. Washing your hands before you leave is always important. How to use toilet paper or how often should you flush or what can you do to avoid clogs, ... Its rare the person cleaning the bathroom has the time to respond to all the bio hazards someone that cant flush leaves behind.

Some people still have trouble with this because of dry skin, winter, fear of the appliances. Most plumbing devices are intimidating. Engineers have to start thinking about the people that use services, not like cheap healthcare industry trying to price out and predict your death.

Engineers don't have the language ability to understand humans. That is why artists are needed to help them understand what is front of them at that moment.

Bathrooms in pool should be where
all the guys line up and pee together.

Not sure how this works in the other bathroom. If you ideas post.

Even the silly and awkward points to make are worth posting.


It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that ping.

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If I’m playing and dogging a lot shots I’ll pee on a fire plug or tree. I prefer to stand on 2 feet when peeing. Only a male dog lifts one leg. As for the topic’s the shit man.