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I was talking to a guy on my league team the other day. He practices all the time and has played for a good number of years. He’s not old. In his 30’s. APA 5/6. He is under the impression that he will never get any better no matter how much he practices. He said in a sense he knows how to do it but can’t. I know people do get stuck at certain levels. Why is that? Always thought it was an effort issue rather than skill apex. Especially at that level of play.

Is it true that no matter how much some people practice they actually can’t get better no matter how much effort is put in? It seems wrong. I’m always under the impression you can always get better and the Sky is the limit as long as you put the effort in.👍😉
Late to the party but lessons can enhance handicap in many ways:

1) A lot of lower level players aim to a wrong part of the pocket

2) " " do not know how to sequence a run in Eight Ball

3) " " do not know simple, powerful safety play technique or play safe nearly often enough, etc.

Whether winning more games or running more tables, a short lesson is of great benefit--not just stroke and stance, which I do also. I've helped a lot of players increase their handicap one or two points in an hour's lesson or so.

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In this day and age, you might get a lawsuit from the teachers union.... for doing their job and you are non union! That and showing them how inadequate somebod them are.

Good for you though. And better for your granddaughter!

She got a 48 out of 50 :giggle:

I'm guessing she missed one and didn't know it then, just took the last available capital and filled in the last state.

Either way, she's learning that hard work pays off.

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I read the first three sentences and already had an answer - NO - she CANNOT make a ball straight in. Yes, it's that bad.

I have spent my entire life training people (restaurants, gas stations, driving a semi, software, more efficient assembly of products (efficiency is where I spend most of my time)) and you'll just have to believe me - she will forever be a 1.

She has had more single games of 9B with 20+ innings than anyone I, or any of our former teammates, know of.

After continuing to read it, I also played a handicap guy once (that story is in the league thread somewhere) and even he had the capability of moving up to a 2 if he chose to.

Again, great lady, she just simply doesn't have what it takes.

I am also a firm believer that the best pool to ever live has/had/will never pick up a pool stick. I liken that thought process to Volodymyr Zelenskyy (Ukraine President if you've been living under a rock). The guy was a comedian and actor but due to circumstances out of his control he has emerged as and amazing leader while his country is being torn apart. I also shake my head when people talk about actors getting into politics, they may or may not have what it takes to be a politician but that has ZERO to do with them being an actor - that's just ignorance on the person making the comment ;)

LOL, to update this a little bit - that SL1 I was talking about has now spent time with Oscar Dominquez and you guessed it - she's still an SL1 :)

Some people's skill limit/apex is just lower than others. She does make some pretty cool hats and gloves though, she does have skills, just not on the table :)