Super Billiards expo 2020?


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Hopkins can't even schedule his Pro events right so he wouldn't have much room to complain. By all means, make a quy withdraw if he advances in both 10 Ball and 1P and force him to pick because you can't schedule crap right in the first place. That has been a declining and inconsistent event for years.

These threads just go on and on. :boring2:




Very well said.


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I don't even know what this thread is about.

Thousands of pool players go to the Expo and don't even care about the U.S. Open.

The Player's Championship tournament at the Expo will go on no matter what.

For me it's a great event. I'm there almost every day in the Pro area.

I liked the set up they had last year.

Heck, I might even play in the next one.

Will be good advertisement for the carbon fiber shafts I make in my basement.

I'll be playing in the TAP event then change my clothes and go play in the Pro event.

It'll be like the old days.....