superspeed date code ?


Is there a date code of the Brunswick superspeed cushions ? The reason I ask is that I plan on changing felt on my GC3 and when I strip off the old felt on cushions I want to see if there is any way to tell if they are original cushions. The reason I ask is , about 10 years ago I paid a local pool table reseller to replace the cushions and refelt them and I would refelt the table. So I removed the rails and left them with him and 2 weeks later he said they were done and to come pick them up. I always have this nagging feelin that they played the same as before. The cushions were approx 20 years old when I took them to him. So I am ready to replace them again and just for shits and giggles like to know if I was scammed by the guy. He is long out of business but still want to know. An old salt from the moose lodge across the bar told me I should have notched the cushions with wire cutters when I took them in , we wouldn't be having this conversation.