SVB vs Chohan 1P


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It’s a great match! I’d say for sure much better than the average 1P match.

I’ve been watching it and it has a little of everything. Genus 1P shots and SVB with BIH shooting the OB straight into the rail, only to come with super genus shots 2 innings later. Same for Tony, amazing shots and wtf just happened misses. I like pool like that. It’s not boring. It’s a good balance of tactical and shoot at your hole 1P(Scott Frost style).

Couple wedges(but not the 2 hour ones), some up table games, containing games, great banks. Sweep shots. Everything. Anyone who likes 1P should have a look.

It’s a very good match. I don’t know the outcome and it’s close now 6-6 or 7-6 idk who’s ahead. Can’t tell who’s gonna win at this point.

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On a side note, the commentary is from the tape and occasionally Danial has said some live stuff during the stream-which is interesting. Chat on YouTube has been kinda fun too. All in all-great of POV to do this.