Switching from LD to reg


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I was wondering if anyone else experienced this, I have 2 carom cue/shafts, a molinari p3 with predator vantage low deflection shafts and a Kilby with reg maple shafts. When I switch between them it takes awhile to acclimate to the difference. Ill actually miss a long shot object ball completely sometimes. So I guess I have to pick 1 cue/shaft and stick with it because the switch back and forth is hurting my game. I love both cues though...
I guess there really is something to this low deflection thing


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I'm in the same boat. Trying to switch from my L.D. Z2 to my Schön, 86 vintage.


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when i switched back to standard from LD, it was a lot harder to do lengthy cut shots when the object ball is in the middle of the short rall, with cue ball down table. I kept throwing object ball into rail.


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I studied on the differences of squirt and how to cope with them for a long
time. You can own different kinds of shafts but you owe it to your game to stick with one
kind of shaft and get used to it. Im my opinion its helps you to play LD awhile before
you switch back to regular maple if youre going to go back to regular maple because
you understand the differences better from the less to the more squirt. I've been playing
LD for about a year. I don't have any plans on going back because of the consistency I
get with the LD. If I did go back I would be tempted to go 12.90 mm with long pro taper.
I've played with much less diameter than that but I'm unsure that whippyness doesn't
hurt you when you really stroke a shot with side spin. I like predictable. My LD is predictable in that regard.