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I would like to sell any ONE of the pictured Barry Szamboti’s. All three cues are in excellent/ like new condition with very little play. All three have an ivory joint; the fancy purpleheart also has an ivory butt cap and alternating ivory and gold dots in the ring. Specs, pricing and additional pictures will be emailed to anyone with interest. Please note this is a CASH sale, not interested in trades.
My friend Guy (guycrunch) has the twin (in snakewood) to the fancy purpleheart cue. His cue is also for sale to anyone interested in the pair.
Thanks for looking,
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the peackock cue is rare to have peacocks in the heel and points, Barry has only made a couple like that(I have one) of the 3 thats the pick of the litter.

The middle cue is classic and I dont have one like this, I need one. the bushka hoops in the heel are great and have lots of history. Its also a hard to find Szam.

best of luck with the sale.

fatboy :)


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The old saying goes; " If you have to ask , how much, it must be too much" glws
Those are the sweetest szams, i've seen yet!