Table: Set up or sell?


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The wife and I finally are moving forward with building a 380 sq foot pool room connected to our detached garage. Really excited after 30 years without a table in my home.

I have a 4x8 Gandy Atlantan I purchased new in the late 80s with a little help from my parents and working way back when. The table is currently dismantled and has been stored. The frame and rails have been in a garage for around 15 years, and the slate and legs have been in a dry/clean basement for nearly 30.

We have designed the new build to accommodate a 9’ (my dream table), so eventually I want to upgrade.

So should I even bother setting up the 4x8? The rails most likely need replaced, and it seems a waste to pay for installation only to have to do all over again months or maybe a year later.

I’m assuming I would get a better price selling it assembled vs unassembled and in pieces. Any advice and/or what would you do? My next step was to call some local billiard retailers to see if they accept trades, but have a feeling they don’t.

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I'm just down in Dayton, so not far from you. Some dealers will take tables on trade or "consignment". It doesn't hurt to call around and ask. Worst they could say is no.

In my personal opinion, unless you're just itching to play right now and have nowhere else to go, it doesn't sound worth it to get your old table set up and playing right if it's not what you want to play on anyway.