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I am just cuerious what this TAD is worth in todays market? the cue was a trophy for winning the TAD cup which is a annual tournament at Hard Times Bellflower.

There was speculation as to the value, and i would just like to get the AZ'rs opinion..

I was told $3000

Thanks for the help, also i would trade the cue for a big Mottey preferably with a Ivory joint.

james White cues will be considered as well.








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Tad pricing

The last time I purchased a Tad here, it was the same Hoppe style as you show, with 2 shafts.. all in unplayed condition. I paid about $2100 for it. I don't think the market has gotten any better since my purchase, so it would most likely be lower if it has only the one shaft shown in your photos. I'm not sure what change in value the writing on the Hoppe ring would cause.

Good luck, Chris.


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please learn to resize photos 800 pixels wide for forum use. you can do it in mspaint.

google will show you how if you ask.