Templates at 2019 china open 9 ball


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Did anyone else notice the different templates used for racking at the 2019 China Open 9 Ball? I saw the white that appears to be the Turtle or knock-off on the men's matches. Then on the one Woman's match I watched they were using what looked like the black magic rack, the tree design not the diamond. I was told by another viewer he saw a Red version of the magic rack used.

Does anyone know why the variations?


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I don’t know why, possibly they are sponsored by several companies and promised to give each rack some air time but I did notice the turtle and the larger looking magic rack for some of the men’s matches as well.

Nick B

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I noticed in two matches they started with a "Magic" and then switched in midflight. Not sure if ref decided it was giving him/her problems or it came from players.