Temu Cue Tips


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I like to buy crap off Temu as everything is always a surprise. I took a chance on these Meilin tips (2 for $4). Short story is they are the worst cue tips ever made. Here's what one looks like next to a Kamui, at least it looks like it a cue tip at the start.


It's supposed to be a layered, pigskin, cue tip. But in installing it, it's clearly not made of leather. It's some sort of plastic or resin. Like fake plastic rubber. It burnishes (or polishes) nicely, almost like derlin. But it's softer to work with than any plastic or resin I've had on my lathe before. It's not as hard as a phenolic cue tip, but not far off. It holds chalk and didn't degrade my play any more than normal.