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During the discussion of the new Cyclop balls, the term "skid" came up quite often.

I'm not familiar with the exact meaning of the term. Does skid refer to the cue ball skidding when executing the shot or doing something after contact with the object ball.

My table was just recovered with Simonis 860 and I noticed the cue ball would what I consider skid, right after contact with the cue tip.

Thanks for any clarification.


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"Skid" refers to the action of the object ball. Instead of rolling on intended line it skids in same direction the cue ball is rolling. (Undercut)


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I noticed the cue ball would what I consider skid, right after contact with the cue tip.

When you hit the center of the CB, its first motion will always be to "skid" across the cloth with neither backspin nor forward-roll. It's referred to as "stun" and is perfectly normal (and expected to execute certain shots).

Object balls will also "stun" for the first few inches of their movement, until the friction of the cloth causes them to roll. You'll see it if you watch closely.

Neither of these are the dreaded "skid" that players are referring to in the context of your question. That kind of skid causes the OB not to go in the direction it should.

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Skid happens more with dirty balls on cut shots...cling if you will. The cue and object balls grab together momentarily and the cut goes offline. The cueball gets the most chalk on it and that can grab the object ball sometimes too. Skid appears mostly on soft cut shots also although it's hard to discern on harder strikes. Using outside english or slightly overcutting the shots help if the conditions are condusive to skid. Mitch