Thank You Jerry Forsyth of AZBilliards


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Please join us in thanking Jerry for all those years of documenting our favorite games and players, and for helping create this outstanding website.

Thank you Jerry for all the photos, and the stories, and the tips, and the commentary, and for representing the sport well in the public's eye. And thank you for every time you've ever supported the industry and your fellow lovers of the game.

We also want to commend you for your tremendous generosity and benevolence. The amount of time, money and effort that you put into the food you produce, only to give it away, is hard to wrap ones head around.

You're a gentleman and a scholar Jerry Forsyth.
From all of us: Thank You for everything.

This week we have a very nice exit interview with Jerry. Enjoy!


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There is no doubt whatsoever that the creation of Az helped to bolster interest in pool
and pool cues in particular. I'm surprised that it never expanded into a annual trade show
which would probably compete, and maybe even exceed, the attention that SBE receives.

Thank you Jerry for starting something that remains the best pool informtion website bar none.

Matt B.