The new Aramith tournament balls


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You just had to recruit ole Willie into this one didn’t you?! And he would certainly be on your side.

Speaking of sides - just for the AZB record, I never did take sides in this whole Traditional vs Black ball set crafty and wily approach is to share and offer possibilities. I happen to love every bit of the game and play 100’s of ball set designs and styles throughout a given year. Sure, I have my favorites. And, you can safely bet your gold coins, that my day to day favorite set is very CLOSE to traditional colors. No swapping numbers and colors.

I just can’t come to call any ball set fugly or turds. It isn’t in me

Chess, huh?

How about this one: we play CHESS on the table with a unique ball set while simultaneously playing Chess on the table-side board. While I’m on the table taking my one shot, you make your move on the board. And vice versa. A win win.

You bring the Staunton pieces. All I have is:

~ K.
You come across as one odd duck to be honest. "100's" of ball set designs??? Seriously??? Think you may a have a bit of a issue personally but if a man likes his balls,well, go for it.


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My eyes just crossed looking at the chess set....:yikes:


I could be a victim to the four move checkmate here...
...uh, you got any checkers? know, the things that look like small manhole covers?


This game of straight pool could take a while......
...(examines ball closely with a magnifying glass)...the ball that looks a bit like Atlantis.. the corner........Atlantis, by the way, which the Greeks thought had lain a bit beyond
the Pillars of Hercules, has now been thought to be more mid-Atlantic.
..I personally think a Phoenician trireme got blown by a fierce storm and discovered
Newfoundland...when they went searching for it again, in vain, they fabricated the story
that it had sunk beneath the waves............, maybe we could just play some gin rummy.....
...brings out a deck of over-size cards...about 10 by 6 inches....
...when I look at my hand, the cards are identified by Viking runes....


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Man - you guys are a tough, tough crowd here on AZB

We get it - the friends in the arena aren’t fast learners.

Tell me - seriously - just how long does it take an educated, well-seasoned pool playing fan to see a NEW ball set and be told the changes - and then watch for hours how the pros play those NEW balls - and still have problems discerning what is what?

Lemme see.......Only nine balls with color. The 1, 2, 3 and 8 are simple, right? No one can mistake the bright striped bumble bee 9 ball. They probably love that one. The green 6 is a bit lighter - and that brown 7 pretty easy. Which leaves the tough ones everyone is having fits with: the 4 and 5........In a relatively slow game of 9 ball...with a lot of time to see what is left on the table once the simpleton 1, 2 and 3 balls are gone.

Yeah - you guys are a tough crowd

~ K2

I watched the entire match, even the Mosconi vs CSI practice match. Every time a player was on the 3 I was looking at the purple (used to be) 4 ball for the path or position the player was going to play, just never got used to the pink 4 ball and at least 1 player complained about it and I am guessing even more did privately but they wont bite the hand that feeds them.


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Xmas Special...

I just heard rumor of a Special Edition box-set just in time for Christmas. Includes an Emily Frazier autographed set of Aramith Black and a beautiful keepsake t-shirt that says " I love stroking Black balls". Get 'em while you can, time is running out. ;)