The Players Club & The Fedor Gorst Experience and Mark Wilson Jan 16-18


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Fedor is coming back to TPC and we fell in love with Mark Wilson's new format and well Mark himself.
So we are going to do another Training tournament style with a little action and a lot of fun.
Each Player will play 4 racks of 15 ball going for the elusive QUAD
Placed in the 9 ball Format based on results. Cash and Prizes for highest everything.

Fedor will be playing, coaching, and talking us thru some secrets,
Coach Mark Wilson will own the room and it will be a Night to Remember

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The Efren $500 per man at least $1000 added Action One Pocket Tourn Jan 11/12
So don't miss out join now!

Thank you for all of your support and donations. We are already scheduling some cool stuff for Feb
look forward to meeting anyone at the derby as well

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