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Pro Shot Glove



I first heard about this particular product at SBE this year. Was having dinner with Mika his friends(which includes Mr. Larsen) and my buddy Roy (troyroy78). Mika showed this glove to me and Roy the next day. It looks promising.

The Review:
Had a chance in trying this new gadget for pool for a couple of months now. At first it was not as comfortable and was not getting along with it. Roy place it on for me and was too tight that my hands started to feel numb. Took it off in about 5mins. After about an hour, I tried it again and this time, I placed it myself. I made sure that it was placed right and was fitted well and not tight.

A couple of days of adjusting (the steel plates) and it was one with my shoot wrist. This has really helped me straighten out my shooting arm. It's a good product that really works as intended.


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I was in las vegas in may for the BCA nationals and they had it there to show off. Some people liked it. There's a second version of it that doesn't have the elastic straps and one of the mezz pros like it better because it didn't constrict his hand. An amateur that tried it like the straps because they kept his hand in a cupped position for holding the cue. It seemed like a good piece of practice equipment. It doesn't completely lock the wrist like a bowling brace, but alot of movement is restricted. Seems like it will train you to feel what you're supposed to do and keep you from any lateral movement. I tried one on and it felt really tight, maybe because I have a fat wrist or something, but from what I saw from others the product seemed pretty good
ProShot Glove

You can buy the ProShot glove on ebay with free shipping. Also you can go to and get automatic entry to win a free three hour lesson from Mika Immonen and dinner with him.


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Hello AZB ers,

a few ago i received the "Pro-Shot-Glove". I was very excited and finally was now ready to test the glove a bit longer. In my opinion a very nice and helpful trainings-tool.
I m sure many instructors will think the same after working with this great glove.
A great amount of *miscues* or just *misses* are caused by a bad technique. Here s also lateral wrist-movement/excess wrist-movement. Here the Glove is an amazing help- the student feels immediatley a big difference. furthermore imo the glove helps the student to understand also, to just let the cue do *his work*. To just relax the grip, to be able to let your forearm just hanging *vertically* downwards.
Just 2 days ago let the glove wear a guy, who really had terrible problems with his forearm-position and wrist-action (by far one of the worst and funniest movements i ever saw, lol).
After putting him on the glove he of course felt more like * args, terrible* etc. :) . But after lettin him play some practice shots ( long straight-in shots, where he was instructed to shoot CB with follow), he looked at me like seeing Santa Claus- he made 2 shots dead straight in, and let the cb also follow into the pocket- a shot he usualy is afraid of and missed very often.
Of course he s not a world-champion now- but he know definitley knows, what to fight for and where he/we have to work on.
Satisfying if a guy have already a thx in his eyes ^^

What also is a great advantage in my opinion: if you use the glove correctly, you ll be forced to really use a loose grip-and soon the most guys learn to just let the cue do his job.

Like always and as i shown up already: Each player is individual- but imo the glove can help many ppl to increase their fundamental.

Sure each person is individual-- but i m sure that with the *Pro-Shot-Glove* many people will receive a great help to increase their skills and strenghten their fundamentals/stroke movement.

lg from overseas,

bestell sie bei Kimmo- User aus dem BA Forum. Ist ein Student von mir. Von ihm kannst du den Pro-Shot-Glove als auch Magic Racks bestellen.



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I just bought it and sent it back.
I am a big guy and this was just way too small for me.
For me it was a complete waste of money.


ProShot Glove

I have trouble with arthritis in my wrist do these help alleviate the wrist pain of that ?
Anyone know ?


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Avoid the Pro Shot Glove........the quality is simply atrocious!

I returned the 2 gloves I purchased for a refund and Mezz was questions asked....full refund.

The very first day of use, the Velcro on the glove came apart & turned into a bunch of loose hanging strands. This happened within 7-8 times of putting the glove on and trying it out.....there were only 3 of us trying this glove and I'm telling you you could see the Velcro coming loose after 7-8 times of putting the glove on and removing it, the Pro Shot became a bunch of spaghetti strands........for $25, it was a total couldn't have cost even $2 to make that piece of junk........absolutlely terrible product.........but the good news is Cnristina @ Mezz was great.

Matt B.

p.s. Colonel.....Yes....the gloves were indeed crap.....REALLY! post was factual and a "Caveat Emptor" to any prospective buyers of PSG.
And again.....allow me to restate and underscore that Christina and Mezz were great to work with on both sides of the transaction.
and the 4-5x reference vs. 7-8x is because when this Velcro started unravelling, we couldn;t believe it happened at all, let alone so fast.
So we continued to put on & remove the PSG a few more times because it got worse each time and actually became's junk.

On May 12, 2015, at 1:32 PM, wrote:


I returned the two (2) Pro Shot Gloves by USPS yesterday.
One glove is still in the wrapper unopened and the other glove was used for less than 2 hrs of play by myself and 2 other players
who tried this glove which is made very, very cheaply and the quality is crap.The stands of Velcro unraveled and the glove was
only put on and taken off 4-5 times while we all tried it...... horrible quality.......these gloves probably cost $2 to make overseas in
some sweatshop because you can see from the glove I returned, the product is atrocious quality and for $25 apiece, you should
expect a better made product. You can refund the payment of $56 after the gloves are received......I have tracking info but that
probably isn't needed.


Matt B_________

From: "Mezz USA" <>
To: "matthew m b________" <>
Sent: Friday, May 15, 2015 11:34:53 AM
Subject: Re: Recent Order #572

Dear Matt,

Thank you for your email. We have received the ProShot Gloves and have refunded the Paypal amount of $56.00. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you.

Sincerely yours,
Mezz USA
Office: 917.324.9911
Fax: 201.301.7324
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Love the new Longoni Glove!

I have the new Kamui glove, which is a copy of another 3 cushion glove that was out last winter and it is allready worn-out, Love the Longoni Sultan Glove!


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