Thinking about buying a custom


I'm thinking about getting a custom cue for either myself or as a Christmas present for my girlfriend. Not looking to spend too much in it, but I would like to know who makes nice cues at a decent price. Any help appreciated.


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whats your budget?
many cuemakers make entry level cues
pick a cue maker and treat yourself to a cue
you and your girlfriend deserve it


I used to play a predator 5k1 with a predator z2 shaft and sold it, then i ordered a cue from Bob danielson, i got a very fair price from bob, and always an awnser when i had questions, so i can also recommend bob his work.

i can't wait to get it, should be around beginning of december and will post it at az then also. waiting time was about 4 months.

Kind regards


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There are so many great cuemakers now that you have many good choices.
You might go to
Click on the members page. Scroll down to their contact information and you will find the starting price of most members cues. With it being a Christmas present you might want to go with something they already have built, as that is a tight time frame.


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If you want to get some advice, you need to clarify the word "decent" which is way too ambiguous a reference. Specify how much you're prepared to spend....under $300....under $500.... under a $1,000???? With a budget amount, the readers of your thread can make more meaningful recommendations that will be helpful. Otherwise you will receive recommendations on cue-makers you cannot afford or just are not willing to spend that much for one of their custom made cues.


I love cocobolo cues.
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I have 2 of bob's cues and both are for sale at a Hella price.inbox me.and i see you live in Nc me too.