Thomas Kinkade Painting for sale or trade


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I am not a fine arts type don't know much about the guy but amazing painting and pics just don't do it any justice! Average price for this size painting is $2500 ish dollars that I found online! I would like to trade this beautiful painting for a very nice cue of equal value! I am searching for the High end Predator cue with Revo shaft 12.4 preferred! Willing to look at any cue of this value and please keep comments respectful or will be deleted!

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Lol, good luck. From what I hear the Kincaide market has completely nosedived, the stock got so low that he had to buy it back himself, and the frames are now actually worth more than the "painting". Apparently some cruise ships have given them away as tsotchkes.


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My good friend BrooklynJay is a huge Kinkade fan, has the paintings all over his house, I mean they are everywhere, I'll send him this link.