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by Howard Lederer, the Professor (of poker):

"The moment you become satisfied with your play, your ability to improve becomes extremely impaired."

Now whether we are discussing pool or poker, I completely agree with this statement, anyone else?

If you want to read the whole article:

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Bruce S. de Lis

Cue of Fury said:
I totally agree. If you want to improve you must not be satisified with the way you play.

Plus you must be willing to Practice the Basic over, and over again. Yes it is BORING, but NESSESSARY


Who is this guy?
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I think that statement is very true; once you become satisfied, even with just one part of your game, you drive to get better decreases greatly.

Do you think Efren Reyes is ever satisfied or Earl Strickland? Both seem to have a lot of drive and determination. (Although it's displayed differently.