TIM SCRUGGS hustler sneaky pete


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TIM SCRUGGS hustler sneaky pete

Tim Scruggs true sneaky pete!!

It was recently refinished. The shaft was also refinished as well with a new layered tip. There is not a single mark on the entire cue. The shaft has a slight taper roll. You can feel a tiny bump at the joint from the finish being thicker on the butt. This cue shines like a new cue!! I don't have a way to weight the cue or measure the shaft as I'm at work. I could take a picture later. Please call or text me at 814-366-3279. I prefer that communication. I would also consider it for trade for a Rauenzahn cue ONLY. Please get in touch if you are interested. You won't be disappointed in the beauty.

List Date: 11/19/2014

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