To Inspire. A Great Champion: SVB


And I kid you not!
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Friends, I would like to share with you a post I did last midnight.
I hope you like it.


To inspire. This is what makes a great champion.

A great champion is different from your everyday champion or winner or athlete.
It's not about the countless titles one has under the belt.
And it's definitely not about the money earned in one's career. No, sir!
A great champion has that rare gift of inspiring others
- to take their game further. Farther.

A great champion inspires others without asking anything in return,
earning him that great sense of respect that transcends race, color, creed,
and religion - further elevating him and the sport as a whole.

Indeed, a great champion is not your ordinary champion.
He embodies the sport and its ideals - serving as a true hero for all.

And this is what makes Shane VanBoening, aka The South Dakota Kid,
one of my favorite pool players, a Great Champion of our sport. He inspires.

Sharing with you something special from my friend, Jin-Papa Powell.

It's my friend's 7-year-old son, Jin's four ball run for the kill against
the World Champion, Shane VanBoening!
Its simply too cool not to share! Watch it. You'll be glad you did.

Great times with a Great Champion - SVB! And I kid you not!

For friends who would like to see the Facebook post on my page:

The post from my friend:

Jin asked Shane VanBoening if he would play a game
... SVB didn't just play a game with a kid
... what he did was create an experience/memory that my son
and I will never forget.

Jin would like to say thank you to Samm for the coaching and mentoring,
Gerard of Gerard's Pool Hall for the sponsorship in table time,
Joe Pechauer and the team at J. Pechauer Custom Cues for providing
such an amazing cue, and of course he says thank you
to his little brother Kenji for always being there giving support.

Jin was still shaking from being so nervous and excited
about playing SVB afterwards...... what an amazing time for my little man

And this is the YouTube video:


*SVB picture - credits go to the owner of the photo.