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Hi all,

I thought someone else might be able to make good use of a spreadsheet I use to keep track of Pool Night tournaments and all-time standings and head-to-head results.

I've got a table in my basement and on the first Friday of the month we get together to shoot around. I used to have a seasonal format (e.g., 3 pool nights would equal one season, and a rolling seasonal pot would go to the winner), but in order to keep accurate score, everyone needs to show up for each pool night. With kids sports duties, vacation / travel, etc., it was too hard to make it work. So, I switched it up so that all the money gets paid out on each pool night, and if someone can't make it, they simply skip that month.

The way it works is everyone brings $20. Regardless of how many players there are (I'll usually reschedule if we don't have at least 4), I take $50 for the "house" to cover beer and food (I usually get 3 cases and order pizza delivery, and there's usually plenty of left overs). The other amount ($50, $70, or whatever depending on how many show up) goes to the purse. If it's a $70 purse, the winner (best record) takes $40, place is $20, show takes $10.

We usually play 9-ball for the sanctioned matches. After that's done, we play money games, either doing 8-ball doubles, or more head-to-head 9-ball, or if there are a lot of people, we'll usually play 3-ball where everyone gets a turn trying to sink 3 balls in the least amount of shots (that way no one is standing around too long waiting to play -- everyone is engaged).

To schedule the sanctioned play, I use the free round-robin tournament generator, found here:

I put the player names in the "teams" box and click the "balance (beta)" checkbox to make sure no one waits too long between games. It works pretty well.

The attached spreadsheet contains my template for scoring pool nights, along with the all-time head-to-head results and standings. The latter is on sheet 1. Getting the winning % to format like baseball standings actually took me a bit of time to figure out, so I thought I'd share here to save someone else the trouble. The sheet titled "Last" has the latest results, and the other sheets are just templates I used in the past.

Disclaimer: Normally you shouldn't open xls files from people you don't know, but I'm suggesting here that you can trust me. :smile: