TS, Predator and a JB case


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I like all the cues in my posession but this TS, whom I fondly call "The Hideous Green Monster" is what I play with. Yes, she does play like a monster :D and yes that is a predator shaft.

As you can see from the flag on the case, she plays for team Philippines so she can't be all that bad right! Although she has never really set foot in the Motherland... maybe a little scared to travel lol.

The shaft weighs around 4.1 oz, same as the original shafts so the balance has been preserved. I weighed more than a dozen 314-2 shafts and then among the heavier pieces chose this one for having the most decent wood.

I did play with original TS/MC shafts for years though. But I think I'm all set and don't see myself playing with anything else... unless I buy a pred shaft for the MC i posted in another thread :smile:



"Prove it!"
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those veneers on the ebony points are bad ass!


It's nice to see people like yourself appreciate my cue as much. Thanks.

There is no green in the stain on the forearm but the veneers almost makes the whole forearm look green stained. At least I think it does in person.

Sorry the pics couldn't be better. They are all cellphone pics only.



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Nick beautiful

:eek:Nick you know I'm into green veneers. That's Scruggs is Sick:bow-down::bow-down: I love this cue I want it really bad.


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Sure thing.. Yes and the bushka ring looks like it brings the whole cue together..


I'm a big fan of bushka rings above the wrap and it looks great on this TS cue. The ring adds a lot to the overall look of the cue to me.

You have great taste in cues and I like your MC cue a lot also. You can't go wrong with cues from Tim and Mike's shop.