Turning Stone - roommate/car pool for Tin Man

Tin Man

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Hey guys! I am going to Turning Stone this January but it was harder than ever to get in (had to make it through the wait list) and as a result my normal road partners weren't able to join me. I'll go solo if I have to, but man, it is a burden to not have someone to split some of the expenses with.

So I thought I'd see if anyone out there wants to split a room. I'm a good roommate. I keep to myself and just read and play online chess. I will be coming in Wednesday night (January 3rd) and coming back either Sunday or Monday, so checking out one of those mornings (January 7th or 8th).

I'm also going to be getting rides to and from the Syracuse airport on Wednesday and whenever I leave.

Just thought I'd throw this out there in case someone lives in the area and has a guest room and a car, or is staying at the casino and has an extra bed. I'll contribute, anything would be less expensive than going entirely my own way.

Let me know, either way I'll do what needs to be done. Thanks!