Two Cousins Custom Cues


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These two cues have never hit a ball and have been in storage for around 20 years. There is some info about the cues and cuemaker below.

Cue Maker, Gary Wright, hand crafted approximately 600 custom cues from 1990 until 2000. Most of his cues were made with birdseye maple and many different exotic woods such as ebony, coco bola, kingwood, and bubinga for the points and inlays. He utilized both the phenolic 3/8-10 and 5/16-14 metal joints. Irish linen was used for the wrap and NO ivory was used in his work. The majority of his cues were sold on the west coast with some being sold through out the United States and Japan. Over the years Cousin's Cues found their way into the hands of touring pros, top regional players and many collectors. Most cues are still in play today . Ed Wright, Gary's cousin (thus the name Cousin's Cues) sold the majority of the cues directly to players and collectors at pool rooms, pool tournaments and dealer shows.

Price Drop

In storage for 20+ years, these cues have never hit a ball. Sharp even points w/veneers

4pt Kingswood, 29” butt, 15oz, phenolic joint, 3/8-10 pin
29” shaft, 3 3/4 oz, 13mm Le Pro tip $400

4pt Dark Cocobolo 29” butt, 15 1/2oz, phenolic joint, 3/8-10 pin
29” shaft, 3 1/2 oz, 13mm Le Pro tip. $400


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Cousins Cues

These are custom hand made cues. These are cues players bought and kept. You just don't see any for sale for a reason. This guy has a collection of them and decided to sell them. They are short spliced with very even points. Having a cue like this made today will cost you at least 800 - 1,000. Again these are very high quality cues and not production cues.

I had one 20 years ago and wished I didn't sell it. I am glad to say I bought one that he hasn't listed yet. If your looking for excellent playing cue look no further.