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Received mine about a week ago and I have installed about ten or so tips in my workshop. Very easy to work with and it looks more professional now to my customers coming for their tips to be replaced.

Probably there can be a small modification to accommodate shaped tips that have dropped off! Would definitely make the tip centralizer a more all rounder one and these jobs a breeze. But having said that, at the moment I am already fixing back dropped tips easier than before. All my customers are more confident with us now. :)

Highly recommended. Thanks Olaf, definitely worth the wait.

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Setup help?

Found what I needed. Thank You Very Much for the help Olaf
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Need a couple...

Hello Olaf,

Do you have these in stock...?
your PM's are full...!

Please give me a shout, Thanks!


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Thank’s for the hint with the full PM box; meanwhile I have deleted some older messages.

Tools are out of stock.

In the moment I am a little busy; working on a compact ammo counter with digital display for firearms.

And newly I also suffer psoriasis with arthritis on both paws, which is really frustrating :mad:
Sometimes my hands look like the ones of the „melting man“, the guy that runs into an acid tank in the film RoboCop (don’t know if all of you know this movie).

So, don’t know when I can start a new batch; but will give a shout when it happens.


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I've had mine 3, or 4 years now! well made! Thanks sir, I love it! I have a question though. Where is the link for the setup and adjustment? Thanks again!


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Made my own. The screws will end up being set screws but those were all I had on hand. Those will be used to center it the first time, then should be good to go. Works great.


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This Universal Tip Centralizer is an outstanding tool and must-have for all who have to do proper tip installation.

It centers all kinds and dias* of cue tips very precise, easy and quick: regular tips, laminated tips, leather tips, synthetic tips, hybrid tips, flat tips, pre-domed tips; also very thin tips and fiber pads* are no problem for the Tip Centralizer (watch the video).

Place the tip in the clamping part, shove the tool in your chuck, put glue on and here we go! Due to the self-centering mechanism the tip will be perfectly centered, clamped and squared while glue is drying under pressure.
One tool for all and no more trouble with out-centered cue tips.

The Universal Tip Centralizer is made of steel, alu and brass; built to last.

If your lathe chuck isn’t dead nuts with the tailstock, the Universal Tip Centralizer allows you a fine adjustment (approx. +/- 0,5 mm) to bring ferrule and tip in alignment for a perfect “wedding”. Adjust it only one time and it will work on your lathe.

*Two models are available:

Mod. 15 clamps tips and fiber pads with a dia up to 15 mm
Mod. 18 clamps tips and fiber pads with a dia up to 18 mm

Prices (all in EURO/€):

UTC15: 62.99 EUR
UTC18: 69.99 EUR
UTC with Spirit Level: please add 3.99 EUR

+ 3 % PayPal fee


Payable through PayPal in EURO currency. (Paypal offers the convenient option to send money in different currencies; one mouse click will do!)

If interested contact me via PM

Thank's and kind regards
cuetips1000 (Olaf)

Is this still available???