Used Mike Bender - 5 Point Hoppe Design


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Here is a nicely used Mike Bender cue for sale.

Jet-black ebony into birdseye maple forearm. Four veneers (white/purple/orange/black). Solid black ebony buttsleeve with hoppe iv*ry ring. Fancy rings at position A & B. Smooth black cowhide leather wrap. Iv*ry joint and ferrules. 3/8x14 Stainless Steel.

Butt: 15.25oz
Shaft 1: 4.31oz (13.02mm)
Shaft 2: 4.35oz (13.08mm)


Butt is in very good used condition, two very thin hairline crack can be seen under the facing of the joint.
Both shafts are very light used, has been cleaned and reconditioned, replaced with new Thoroughbred tips.

Price: US$2,495 OBRO shipped express worldwide.

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That is a great cue that you don't see in the market often. GLWS

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