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I have my cues in a nice case that I bought. Is it better to leave the case standing straight up or lay it down? I know this is a weird question. Just was wandering which would decrease the chance of warpage for the cues.


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I don't think it's a silly question at all. Will be watching this closely as it is something I have been wondering myself. By the way, my wife and I use JB cases and store vertically, and shafts and butts fit snug for us if that matters.


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Stress is to be avoided.
Vertical or Horizontal should not matter if there is no stress or pressure on the butts and shafts.

In the shipping containers coming across the sea, in the warehouses, and in the delivery trucks they are subject to heat, and humidity.
Most of that time is spent in the horizontal position.
It is a wonder that any of them arrive to their final destination straight.

In your home, I assume you have climate control, it should not matter much which way you store them.

That being said I would prefer long term storage of my cues to be vertical.

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Years ago, sold a cue to guy in AZ. Went to poolroom, he was there but didn’t have his cue, said it was in car. Now it is summer time in Phoenix, temperature some place around 110 degrees (July). After a couple hours I leave, see his car, cue and shaft laying on dash of car in full sun, windows rolled up. Always remember it, can just think how that wood was reacting to being roasted, must have been 150 degrees on the dash.


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Well for many years I voulenterred at public shooting range as safety person.

Told people the are not stupid, or dumb questions,

Dumb accidents or injuries yes.