Video collection for sale including TAR video's


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Hi There,

I have decided to clean out my video collection, i have collected many great instructional's and matches over the years and i think its time for someone else to enjoy the sleepless nights watching these dvd's.

Please find the list of videos for sale

Mastering pool with Mika Immonen Volume 1-2-3
Break & Run from Runout media
TAR SVB vs Alex Pagulayan Round 1 & 2
TAR SVB Vs Bustamante
TAR action all round 1, Schmidt Vs Harriman
TAR Cuemakers Round Table
TAR 2008 US Bar Table Championships, Ellerman Vs Parica (Not shown in picture)
TAR 2007 US Open 1 pocket, Bartram Vs Chohan (Not Shown, Lost the cover)
IPAT with Thorsten Hohman, IPAT Volume 1 -2 - 3
Racking Secrets with Joe Tucker
Billiard Sanctuary with Timothey White Volume 5 & 10
Powerful Pool by Max Eberle
The Secret Art of Pool by Lee Brett
Mastering the Jumpshot by Robin Dodson
Almost all i know by Jimmy Reid
Art of 8 ball by Jimmy Reid (Not Shown)
No time for Negative by Jimmy Reid (Not shown)
Capelle on 9 Ball, Archer vs Reyes (Includes the Analysis book)

All videos are in great condition and are 100% original.

I am offering to sell all videos as one package, i am not interested in selling individually.

The price for this DVD bundle is $400 shipped.

I will also throw in 2 Original Szamboti Cue's t-shirts with the sale, sizes XL in Blue and Black (Brand New and Never worn). They were originally purchased from AZ a while ago when offered for sale.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


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If you are do decide to change your mind about breaking them up i will take the "mastering the jump shot with robin dodson" from you. Just PM me