Vintage Pool TV on DVD


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I put together a Classic TV Pool DVD for my league buddies, and decided to offer copies here if anyone wants one. Content is as follows:

Steve Mizerak Lite Beer Commercials - both Steve's original and the "Great Pool Shootout" commercial with all the gang-Steve, Bubba Smith, Rodney Dangerfield, Mickey Spillane etc.

"Goodbye Johnny" - Alcoa theater TV broadcast from 1959 starring Cliff Robertson as a retired pool champ who comes back to the table to hustle $5,000 for his sick wife's operation.

"A Game of Pool" - Twilight Zone episode from 1961 starring Jack Klugman and Jonathan Winters

All this stuff is available on the web for free if you care to search and do your own downloading, decoding, recording etc. but if you would like it already recorded on a DVD $10 will cover US postage, materials and handling. Please be advised the old shows are B&W and the commercials were recorded, so quality is not like today's HDTV. Still a good watch. Reply by PM or to my


Legal disclaimer: no charge is being assessed for the downloads. Any costs are for media materials, printing, postage etc.:grin: