Visits in San Diego week of March 8th


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My, Nicole Keeney and Kim Pierce will be out at Players Sports Bar on Tuesday March, 9th around 8PM to hang out with the local APA group. AZers in the San Diego area, please come hang out with us.

Players Sports Bar
7061 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA 92111

After the players meeting at Viejas on Wednesday (March 10th) we will also be visiting the troops at Miramar along with several over WPBA players but I believe this is closed to the public. I just wanted to say thanks to Cuetec (Imperial) for supporting our visit to the troops. The rec center on base recently had budget cuts and their equipment is in need of replacing so Imperial donated 16 cues for them.


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My friends Mike and Ted own that bar and is where I actually hang out at a lot. I was surprised and pleased to see your flyer in there on Monday.

I will come by and say hi on Tuesday!