Vollmer Cue FS/FT!!!


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I've got a Vollmer cue up for either trade or sale.

As for trades I'm looking for Mottey, Tasc, or something along those lines. Trade value on the cue will be a little higher than the asking price. A multi cue trade would not be out of the question either.


Butt 15.5 oz
Shaft 1 12.6mm 4.0 oz iv ferrule
Shaft 2 12.5mm 3.9 oz iv ferrule

Cue had eight points of ebony with ebony and tulipwood recuts.
Ringwork is silver with pink ivory accents.
Has a textured leather wrap.

Looking for TRADED

Cue rolls straight together or apart.
I would rate the condition at 98% with no nicks or dings.

Any questions or offers feel free to shoot me a PM.

All the best,



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Looks like my friends old cue , even if not pretty close hits like a dream , work is crazy good ,
For those who don't know he apprenticed in the Back Boar shop under Tony , he learned well no cue leaves his shop anything less than flawless
Seller is not a friend, GLWS someone is going to get a great cue