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A Michael Vollmer custum cue, with 2 new-shafts 13,00mm,
Ivory ferule and Kamui soft tip.One shaft is brand new (never hit a ball). Both shafts are one Inch longer than standart shafts.4,2 and 4,3 oz heavy.
The Joint protectors are spezial made for this cue! 5-16-14 is the threat.
The extension is also ebony, custom made. Its a quick threat.
The cue is refrehed 6 months ago. A wonderful Ebony and Ivory mix made from the best custom cue maker from europe, Michael Vollmer. Wonderful looking birdseye maple with 6 points of ebony. The but is also a half Inch longer than standart cues.
Many players change their cues and play now longer cues,for example Earl the Pearl.
Here is a wonderful cue in very good condition. The cue is 100% straight and make no noise when you knock the but. The condition is 97%, only 1-2small scratches in the butt. (cant snap it) Some people sale this category cue for 4500-7000 Dollars...
Any questions,please pm me. The cue is in Germany.
More Detail Pictures i can send you with emai.!!! PAYPAL
3900 dollar
3850 dollar
3800 dollar
3750 dollar
Only 3000 dollar, the Vollmer cue with one shaft! Brand new shaft, never hit a ball.!
Or 2000 Euro........
Now with 2 new shafts... 2000euro or 3000 dollar. ....CHEAP!
..and custom joint protectors...


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Saw this cue last week on tournament.
Great cue!!!
With extension and 2 shafts...it is great price for this one.
Good luck with sale...


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What ?

Whaaaaaaattttt ?
How can this cue still be for sale ?
Great guy to deal with and an amazing cue in excellent condition !!!
Somebody should jump on it ...

Good luck Karlo