Weekly 9Ball tourney in Philly/Trenton/ect.


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Fuscos "The SPoT" at 4432 W. Bristol Rd., Feasterville P.A,
Is hosting a WEEKLY , Handicapped, 9ball tournament.
Registration is before 730 pm, auction is at 745pm, play starts at 8pm SHARP!
$15 entry per player
Player auction ! $5 minimum opening bid
9 "on the snap" break pot, $2 entry
10 Ball "break and Run " raffel, 4 chances for $5, no limit on entries..
1 draw per week, pays %10 per ball.

"open/a+" 4 loses
"A" 5 loses
"B+" 6 loses
"B" 7 loses
"C+" 8 loses
" C " 9 loses
"D" 10 loses

Rules and Format:

Play 1 game, winner stays on table , loser goes to next table in rotation.
Incoming player Racks and breaks their own.
"express " rules apply, all balls stay down.
Called 9 after the break
3 foul rule
9 on the break only counts in " lower 4 " pockets, not top 2.
(applies to the 9 "on the snap " break pot also)

any questions call The spot at 215-953-1813, or P.M. this poster .
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