Weekly pool tournaments in West Phoenix


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For those out on the West side of Phoenix, things are starting to pick up for weekly tourneys at a couple of bars.

The Clubhouse Sports Bar and Grill just recovered and re-did the panels on their pool tables, and they shoot very nice now. Its a small setup with just two tables, but its a classy sports bar with full menu, dining area and large bar.

I run the Thursday night 8-ball tourneys starting at 8:00pm. We may move it to 7:00pm if people start showing up earlier.

The same owner of the Clubhouse also owns the Sage and Sand and is nearly finished with the makeover there. In the back they have a huge area with stage for a band, a BBQ grill and bar, dining area on the grass, sand volleyball and a really nice smoking patio.

The inside is smallish, but has two tables and in 2 weeks the owner is going to add 100% to the prize funds for the current Friday night 8-ball tournament, and the soon to be Thursday night 9-ball.

Last night we had 20 players show up, and Chuck Webb has been there to play in it about 2 weeks a month. There are some good shooters no one knows about that hang out and play there, and the owner is really dedicated to providing what players want.

Its not your big time tourney, nor is it the largest venue, but the atmosphere is top notch with a wide array of people who arent stand-offish and are friendly.

The Friday tourney will be starting at 8:00pm in 2 weeks, and open to the first 24 players.

With the Northern Lounge and a few other places closing, I wanted to throw out an alternative for a fun $5.00 double elim night of fun out of the West side of town.



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