Well I did it. I finally got a Carom Billiard table for the home


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Well I did it. I finally got a Carom Billiard table for the home. Behold my new table in my house. It is a 4x8 foot carom table, manufactured in Communist China, but installed by local Thai Table Techs. The table installers came yesterday at noon and finished about 6 that same day. I have not really played on it only getting to test it to see it was level.

They manufacturer got the correct table height for the rails for 61.5mm balls. I was concerned since I have seen a lot of Carom tables built in China for the Korean Market (Ali-Babba) where they also use 65mm balls with a higher cushion height.

Even though the cloth is new the humidity of the house meant the cloth was not as fast as it is on tables I played on in Southern California. I do have a big air conditioner in the Billiard room so next time I play I will see if it makes a difference in how fast the table plays. Overall I am happy with the product and installation. It will take me a while to get back to the level I was playing at pre covid shutdown. Billiard halls still shut down here in Bangkok,Thailand due to the Delta Variant.I also need a glove because I have sweaty sticky hands and it is monsoon season here in Thailand.

This something I have had in mind since twenty years ago since I started on my Billiard journey playing out of a little Pool room near the intersection of Highland and Del Rosa in sunny San Bernardino, California. The Billiard room was the Silver Q, not to be mixed up with the Silver Cue of Huntington Park, And it featured an old Brunswick that somehow was still staying together. The Brunswick table even had Inlays on it.


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