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  • Did I remember all of that right? I remember the shot, and Keith being Keith, but I wasn't sure if it was case game or not. I was there for there for business and went to see Ray Martin and Eric Baker play and then buy dinner, and I had too much wine at dinner and it gets fuzzy. I'm curious how you remember it.
    I'm convinced coco cowboy drops acid. WTF is up with that cat??? Does he EVER read the title of a thread?????????? Wow.
    Gary had a nice Scruggs but he didn't like the wrap so he asked me if i could run to hardware store. I said sure and went and got a roll of electrical tape and he just covered the wrap with that crap. I just cringed but he liked it. While they were here we had a freakin blizzard and Danny and a local named Randy Jones played for two straight days 'cause you couldn't get out of the building. We literally had to have provisions brought in by this dude with an old surplus army truck. AHH, the good ol days.
    Hey BB, you live in Baltimore area? Reason is ask is do you know a guy named Danny Woolford(sp?)? He came thru Tulsa years ago with a guy named Gary Flannery. Just wonderin' if he's still kickin'. I heard Flannery is somewhere down in Florida. Both these guys played pretty darned sporty. Thanx
    hey man i lost your number, if you still have mine, text or call it, still going to get that table from you early 2019

    i wont be on here any more
    The 'victors' justice' is usually the opposite of justice, but then the victors also write the history to prove it was just, anyway. Churchill said it directly, when asked how he thought he would go down in history. Paraphrasing, he said he expected history would treat him well, because he intended to write the history himself. And he did just that.
    Sparky was an amazing talent. I watched him play a few times in Florida and when he got his "mix" right he was very hard to beat. Bob Ogburn aka Black Bart was another player I remember that was crazy smooth.
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