Westinghouse Micarta Ferrules


Putting a feeler out on how much to ask.. I have about 16 old Westinghouse Micarta ferrules 1'' drilled and tapped..I can sell them out right or install them..I will about posting pics of these or send pic by phone if contacted..this is the real old stock..your feedback is much appreciated..
M. Stacey Cues..

KJ Cues

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Hi Mike,
Long time.
You can charge just about anything you want for these but what it's going to come
down to is, how much is someone willing to pay? (or is in a position to pay).
I haven't been to the F/S section yet to check but if you haven't posted there, you should.
Players will buy these as quick as CMs and you'll have vastly increased your target audience.

Have a Great Holiday Season & Good Luck, KJ


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Are these the Ivory colored ones or the yellow micarta thats been going around lately? I'd be interested if they are the old Ivory color.


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Put them under a UV light and it won't be long they will be the ivory color.
They turn that way with age none of them start out that way.

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If you were to check Mike's profile/statistics, you'd see that he's been a member
here since 2006 yet has made only 16 posts.
That would indicate to me anyway that he may not check his PMs on a regular basis.
A quick check of his posts has yielded some more direct contact info.

Mike Stacey
Noblesville, IN., just north of Indianapolis.