What are the best 3-cusion halls in Europe?

Raul Newman

Forgive me if this is asked & answered elsewhere (and please do point me in the right direction!), but what 3C billiard halls are favored by AZers?

Is there a list by country/city?

I'm planning a September trip to Spain (listings there are especially welcome), and perhaps Paris or Amsterdam; but I'm pretty open. I really want a place with great tables, where I can while away the hours.

What do you say?


In Paris I would definitely go to Academie de Billard Clichy Montmartre

Check out this picture: http://goo.gl/pFp0iu

I used to go there with my dad when I was a kid.
They polished the balls for you and set them up (with white gloves of course ;o)).
The atmosphere is absolutely amazing.