What cue case for 2 cues + Predator Air Jump cue?


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Hi. I am looking for recommendations for a new cue case. I've read some reviews and I like the cushioning and snugness of the Sterling and JB cue cases. And I subscribe to John Barton's philosophy that the primary job of the case should be to protect the cues. I want something that has a nice feel and little to no sound as the cues slide in and out. As if it has fur inside the sleeves.

I've got a break cue, playing cue, and a Predator Air jump cue. I have no extra shafts. I know of no places around with a large cue case selection (I'm in Northern Virginia) so I will need to buy on-line without being able to try it out first. I'd rather not spend more than about $80 and definitely do not want to go over $150 for the case.

My main issue is that the butt of the jump cue is a very non-standard size. Many of you may be familiar with the Predator Air jump cue. The butt is much thinner than a regular cue butt and about 18.75 inches long (18 plus the screw). It will break down into an 11.75 and a 7.75 inch piece, but I'd rather not have to keep breaking the stick into three pieces every time.

Those are the important things. Also nice to have: I like black. Doesn't need to be fancy. The standard size pockets are usually good enough.

Anyone have any ideas or recommendations?

Thanks for any help.


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I would say any 2/4 3/5 3/6 with a long pocket for the jump butt.
At least the Predator Air jump cue is a 3-piece so it breaks down nicely.
It's George cases with a long pocket and jump cue holder work great but they are typically more than $150.

Sterling has some decent 3 x 6 cases for that price or less, but I don't remember how long the pockets are.


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I have a pretty simple J&J 3x6 square case. I just put the Air's lower 2-pieces in the 3rd butt slot. Yeah, I do have to flip the case to get the handle out, but that's mostly because the long pocket is full of other stuff. I think you could get one for around $70. It's not as snug with the cues as you might like though, there's a little wiggle room, but just barely. I've had the case for just over a year and never had a problem with it. You can see all the stuff I've got in there here: Pool Synergy's What's In the Case. I bought mine locally, so I can't speak for the link to the case in the article.


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Thanks for the help. I'm think a 2x4 that could fit the Predator Air butt in one of the shaft slots might work.

Anyone else have any experience fitting the Predator Air in a case with other cues?

I do currently have a case I picked up used from a buddy of mine that seems to be a 4x4. I never see that anywhere. Nor 3x3 which seems to be what I'm looking for. May have to settle for a 3x5. Anyway, I put the jump butt in one of the butt sleeves in this case and do usually have to flip it up to get that butt out. That doesn't really bother me though and I would just keep this case except for two things:

1. It sounds and feels abrasive putting the cues in the sleeves, as if it is some kind of rough vinyl.

2. I just purchased a much more expensive playing stick (Predator P3), and I don't feel good about putting it in this case.

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I've had a Predator Air for a long time (I never use it, but it came free with my BK2 break cue). Before I got my current Instroke 2x4 case, I had it in a cheap-o generic case. I would put the shaft in the case, then put the butt in the little cloth protector that Predator includes with their cues, put the pull cord over the shaft in the case and drop the butt into one of the normal slots. The cloth protector with the pull cord prevented the butt from dropping all the way to the bottom, and when I pulled out the shaft, the butt would come with it.

That said, I think it is a LOT more convenient to break the butt down into two pieces and assemble it when you need it then wrapping it in a sleeve every time you put it away. I'd recommend looking for a case with a separate jump butt pocket and going that route; I don't think you're going to find one with a jump butt pocket long enough to accomodate the whole butt without getting a custom case, and that is well outside your price range.

-EDIT- I will say that I got a Piggy Back 2x4 case for my girlfriend a few months ago, and it's a great value for a cheap case. Spring-loaded butt tubes, jump butt pocket, 2 main pockets... My main gripe with it is that the shafts are in an area that is more akin to a soft case than a hard one; while there is a fair amount of padding there, if you're accustomed to tossing your case around a bit, I wouldn't be surprised if a shaft would get dinged up. But for 50 bucks or so, I don't think you'll find anything better, and as long as you aren't violent with it, it should provide adequate protection.
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Ok. Thanks. I think these ideas are enough to help me make my case selection. I may not buy it for a week or so though.

Anything other advice is still welcome. I will check back every day or so until I make my final decision, which I plan to post.

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This is the one you want.
http://www.sterlingcuecases.com/sth6bk.html $84

On sale here for $63 http://www.cuesight.com/sth6bk.html

Put your two butts in the butt slots, your three shafts in the shaft slots and the Air handle in the extra shaft slot. I can pm you instructions to make a spacer that is the nuts. To make the spacer you need just a sleeve of cloth and a small piece of pvc and a sewing machine. Actually you don't even need the cloth. You can do it using somethign like pantyhose and a piece of pvc. Dead easy.





If you want to spend a little more then I personally think that this case is way underpriced for the work that's in it.


$135. http://www.cuesight.com/stw7bk.html

This one is the same size tube as the upper case but it has a dedicated compartment for a third butt that is perfect for the Predator Air (with spacer).

Both cases have our padded protection and the quiet in and out that you are looking for.


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Thanks JB. That clinches it. I had looked at this case before (the first one for $63 on sale) but was hoping for some confirmation that the junmp butt would fit in a shaft sleeve.

I think I am going to love this case. Simple, economical, functional, classy.

Please do PM me the instructions on how to make the awesome spacer. My wife would actually love to help me with that.

Thanks again everyone.